Prepaid Domestic & International Calling Cards

Saving big on all your international calls just got easier!  Simply select the country you call the most. Choose the calling cards that's right for you.  Purchase your phone card, get your pin number instantly and start saving right away.  Our international phone card rates can't be beat and the call quality and customer service is amazing!

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USA Calling Cards, Call USA USA 0.9 c/min Kenya Calling Cards, Call Kenya Kenya 5.9 c/min
Austria Calling Cards, Call Austria Austria 1.4 c/min Libya Calling Cards, Call Libya Libya 11.9 c/min
Brazil Calling Cards, Call Brazil Brazil 1.9 c/min Mexico Calling Cards, Call Mexico Mexico 1.8 c/min
Canada Calling Cards, Call Canada Canada 0.9 c/min Nigeria Calling Cards, Call Nigeria Nigeria 5.4 c/min
China Calling Cards, Call China China 1.1 c/min Pakistan Calling Cards, Call Pakistan Pakistan 8.4 c/min
Egypt Calling Cards, Call Egypt Egypt 8.9 c/min Philippines Calling Cards, Call Philippines Philippines 6.9 c/min
France Calling Cards, Call France France 1.3 c/min Poland Calling Cards, Call Poland Poland 0.9 c/min
Germany Calling Cards, Call Germany Germany 1.1 c/min Russia Calling Cards, Call Russia Russia 2.2 c/min
India Calling Cards, Call India India 4.7 c/min South Africa Calling Cards, Call South Africa S. Africa 4.4 c/min
Israel Calling Cards, Call Israel Israel 1.4 c/min Spain Calling Cards, Call Spain Spain 1.2 c/min
Italy Calling Cards, Call Italy Italy 1.4 c/min United Kingdom Calling Cards, Call United Kingdom UK 0.9 c/min
Jamaica Calling Cards, Call Jamaica Jamaica 5.4 c/min Vietnam Calling Cards, Call Vietnam Vietnam 5.9 c/min

More than Just a Phone Card...

Live Customer Service 24/7: our friendly customer service reps are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have or assist you with the use of your international calling card.

Manage Your Account Online: It's easy to keep track of your phone card account with our fast and easy online account management system.

Access Your Calling Card Worldwide from over 150 Countries: Use your international calling cards from virtually anywhere in the world.

Advanced Features: Your pre-paid calling card automatically comes with enhances service features such as Speed Connect, Tier 1 Quality, Call Continue, Rapid Reconnect and Language Options just to name a few.

Dial without a Pin: Fast and convenient!  Our phone cards allow you to register up to 6 different phone numbers so that you don't have to remember a pin number.

Recharge Your Minutes Automatically: You never have to worry about running out of minutes when you select auto recharge.  Simply select a recharge level and auto recharge dollar amount and you're all set!

Local Access Numbers: Instead of using our toll-free number to connect, use one of the many local access numbers we have and get up to 118% more minutes.

Refer Your Friends: Get free calling cards just for referring your friends to us.

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